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Dope Girls, INC.

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hey ladies,

im still contemplating opening an upgraded dope girls community called "fly_misses". the last time i made a post about it i got very few responses & i wanted to hear other opinions about what you all think. comment with your suggestions..

i decided to keep the dope girls community running! i honestly can't give up on this community. i think i may make the fly misses community a ladies urban fashion community, but once again, i'm still contemplating. im still open to comments and suggestions <3

Hey ladies,

Lately I've been contemplating started another community almost identical to Dope Girls, just upgraded & closing this one altogether. Since you as the members are the largest part of this community, I would love to hear any suggestions or even objections to this idea. Also, any ideas for possible names for the new community would be appreciated.

HELP NEEDED! [11:34am]

Since the community is once again ative & I since I know damn well I can't moderate the community alone, I'm looking for girls to help me out. I don't really have any special prfrences, but I do ask that you actually help me out unlike others in the past. If you're interested, email me at dopegirlinc@yahoo.com with your name, age & why you think you should help moderate the community. *all post are screened

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